Monday, August 18, 2008


I went with Amy to the Zoo and luckily I got dropped off before the drama mentioned in her blog happened but I would like to say I have had another wonderful mom moment! I put a sticker on Lelands chest from the sting ray bay exhibit they have because Amy gave it to me, because I really did touch one, they are so slimy its kinda cool though, I digress... I kept thinking that Michael had to be sharing candy with Leland because he was so so quite on the way home, either that or he fell asleep right??? Well Michael was not sharing which was a good thing, (he was sharing with his brothers) and he wasn't asleep...NO he was eating a sticker.....You can see here (kinda) what remains of the sticker is left.... Not much:) Well at least he was happy.... Its the orange circley thing on his chest.

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Adam and Ann Watkins said...

HE IS SO CUTE!!! I miss him. oh and you too. jk. I really do miss you guys though