Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Bed Time Again

Tonight as I rocked Leland back to sleep, the fever woke him up again, I was singing him songs that had a meaning and telling him why I liked them, some had no other explanation other than I like them so thats that, but others lead to some great memories for me, and some brought me to tears sad I know, like singing I wonder when He comes again, brought back memories of being a little girl with dad kneeling by my bed to tuck me in, that lead to wishing I could sing to him A your adorable B your so beautiful, because that was what mom used to sing along with skita marinki dinky dink... yeah I am sure the spelling on those aren't right but you get my drift, then I sang a verse of I know my Redeemer lives because Boss my voice teacher at Ricks used to make us warm up with that one, because as she claims she is old and may die soon and that is what she wants to be on her lips so she is practicing:) I sang brightly beams and wished I had mom and dad here to help fill it out. Then I changed up Walk Tall, mainly changed the daughter to son part, I don't want him confused, but that was a song that Grandma Majel asked me to sing to her while she was in the hospital for the last time, that one pretty much did me in, but Leland liked it enough to actually fall asleep to it, so that made me wonder if she was here enjoying it because this time I actually got through it without leaving the room in tears. Anyway I have to admit that I love rocking Leland to sleep, and while I don't want it to become an every day thing, (not because I am mean but because I want him to go down smoothly if I ever need a sitter) but when we need some down time together its an excellent way to get it. And thanks Grandma for calming him to sleep! I miss you terribly!

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Em said...

What a sweet story, how great that you've journaled it to remember. I love singing to my kids too, although it is much easier when they are smaller and aren't telling you to "STOP SINGING!"

Your music teacher sounds awesome!