Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Long Day

Yesterday Leland and I started our day by sharing a chocolate muffin! YUM he LOVES them, whats funny though is he won't eat the chocolate chips in them unless I give them to him, he doesn't like the way they feel... He does like to drag them across his tray and smash them though. Go figure!
This is his pose after he finished.
Then it was off to the doctor for mom to confirm the issues we are having here! Well it only took like 2 1/2 hours to get blood work and some sonograms done and to meet with the doctor. It took forever but I think he actually cares about how I feel so that is nice. The good news is my blood work came back normal, the bad news then why am I feeling this way, Brian and I joke that it is a tumor:) But we both know its nothing big, so I probably will see if the iron helps at all and then go to the doctor sometime in September for it. As an interesting turn in things the bruise left by the blood drawing is not as bad as the bruise left from ripping off the adhesive strip see the bruise on the left is where the blood was drawn and all the other red is from the adhesive. sweet!
We ended the day with Leland getting a 101.5 fever and just being cuddly. With only one diarrhea last night we are hoping its not a stomach bug and just a common cold but he woke up this morning with a 102.3 fever so we decided to take him in. He checked out alright no ear infection or throat infection, so now we wait to see what develops! The nice thing was when I woke up this morning I apparently looked more tired that normal as Robert told me to go back to bed and he would keep an eye on him ( I mean the kid is a morning person which i find a cruel joke) anyway when I woke up and came out this is what I found out the couch....

apparently I wasn't the only one tired, he woke up when I took the picture and said he had a bottle and then wanted to be held, he said he would have put him down but he never stays asleep when he does, I told him it was fine, and shortly there after the baby woke up and we started our day!


Lindsey said...

Cute pictures. Hey, whats up with you? Do you need anything? Lots of Love!

Alison said...

Those "hospital grade" bandaides ALWAYS leave a rash on my skin. I'm allergic. I guess you are too. Gee.