Sunday, November 23, 2008

Allergic Reaction

I had my first allergic reaction that I remember ever, and I now have a bruise under my eye, because before I realized what was going on (in my dark car) I kept pressing the bump under my eye! Its not a bad bruise and actually just looks like I haven't been sleeping well, but poor Brian keeps saying it looks like I beat you. Which of course makes me smile, as anyone who really knows me, knows that if he laid a hand on me, he would in fact be black and blue not me:D Anyway I am chalking it up to the snickerdoodles that I made last night. Don't know what caused it, as I can eat everything that goes into those cookies, but yeah its been an interesting day, as it started last night and is still winding down. It makes it really hard to read, and even harder to focus on things! This is the picture I sent to Brian last night, because I asked him to look at my eye before I took some cookies to Hopes and he said it looked normal, and by the time I got to Hopes this is what it was:D


Jules said...

Wow that is bizarre! Any way you could've been bitten by something, since you've fixed the cookies before?

Hope the swelling goes down soon!

ps I accidentally gave myself a black eye about 8 years ago. You should've seen the dirty looks Rick got when we walked around the mall together. :)

Lindsey said...

Oh my friend! That is so sad. Can I do anything?

Alison said...

That sucks! Wonder what on earth it was that caused that reaction. Odd.

Jen said...

How weird!!! I hope the swelling goes down soon and you can figure out what caused it for sure.

At least you didn't spray yourself in the eye with pepper spray. Only idiots like me do something like that! :)