Monday, November 24, 2008


Are seriously Lelands next favorite thing to baths. He gets a shower probably 5 days out of the 7 and for the last week he has figured out how to buy more time in the shower, the parent, whichever is in the shower with him, picks him up to hand him out, and he has discovered that if he pulls on the shower curtain to try and shut it he gets laughs and to stay in a bit longer. Sad that he knows how to work us so well:D


Jules said...

How cute!!! No pics of the hand off. hee hee

My younger two will stay in the shower until they are prunes just singing and singing and all the warm water is gone.

GrEg.sTaCeY.jOnAs said...

My kid LOVES showers too. He stands in there all by himself forever. It's a lot easier to wash him like that. It's amazing how water can be so entertaining.
I'm so glad. How's your eye? Please tell me you didn't have to cut out snickerdoodles. That would be so depressing.

Jen said...

How cute!!! My little man will NOT take showers! He's such a wimpy high maintenance little guy. Good things he's cute :)

Erin Lafleur said...

I am glad to here we aren't the only ones that do showers instead of bathes. Heres to shower babies!!! WAHOO!!!
btw Leland sounds like quite the character.