Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Some quick thoughts

I wish I was a profound person but alas I am not, I spent my evening reading people magazine and hating almost everyone in it. But I read about Jennifer Hudson's loss. Her mother, brother and nephew, holy hanna how does one cope with that. I cannot fathom. A few days ago I got an email, it was entitled 10 years ago, I opened it and was not ready for what it held. A mother remembering the short life of her wonderful daughter. I sat and cried for 10 minutes, not only because that family was my family away from my family but because as a mother I now understand the type of love you have for a child, and that pain that she must feel is overwhelming, to bury your child would be unbearable. This in turn has been weighing on my mind the last few days and I have never been more grateful for the phrase "families can be together forever" and for the gosple teachings that I have been taught my whole life. The challenges in this life are meant to be faced with the phrase "why not me" (thanks shelly for an amazing EFC) not "why me" and that has been my error the last few months! I have omitted one little word that could change my perspective on my life trials, although they are not big or super hard, they seem daunting to me, but I think with this new perspective I can put a new spin on my attitude and realize there is more happiness than saddness in my life and I am thankful to my Heavenly Father for that. Ok so this is why I need a blog that no one knows about, sorry this may not make sense, its late and I am emotional:) Loves


Jen said...

You don't need another blog to write this. I loved every ounce of it! It was profound and touching! Thanks Allie!

Erin Lafleur said...

This echoes a conversation I had with someone the other day where I told her.... "I knew the temple was the right place to get married, but it wasn't until my son died that I truly understand what eternity meant and why it is so vital that we live for it every day." The gospel truly allows us to see that light at the end of the tunnel that illuminates our path back to him.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

Jules said...

After going through quite a bit of sadness growing up in our family, not only am I thankful for the "forever families", but I try and savor each day with them as much as I can.

This was a really sweet post. Thanks for sharing Allie!

GrEg sTaCeY & jOnAs said...

Nicely said. You think you cried!! I remember your Gma so well. I remember Gridley? is that how it's spelled. I went with you and your mom there. SO fun.
Do you remember playing barbies by her piano?

AHhh the memories...!