Saturday, November 29, 2008

New Place

Well sort of, we have lived there before:D and we aren't moving till February. But its true we are moving back to The Park on Preston. Our main qualms there were the office staff and the fact that you could smell questionable substances throughout the whole apartment complex. Also the fact that we lived on the 3rd floor, that tends to ruin my liking rating for that apartment complex, but recently after talking about what we were going to do we decided to pray about moving back, I knew the office staff had been changed out, but I am sure there are still druggies living there, after all it is the cheapest apartment complex out there:D But really after living here, where the tenants start drinking in public at 8 in the morning, and it smells constantly of dog pooh and listening to my neighbors free styling out front at 3 am I am feeling good about the move. Not to mention we got a 2 bedroom 1 bath for only $30 dollars more, and get ready for this.... ITS ON THE FIRST FLOOR! Yes I am so excited to make the move to first floor. We are also moving into the building that two years ago had a fire so everything is newer than it would be if we were moving into a different building. Two down sides, we had to pay the deposit and the application fee, which cost 240 up front, this is bad because it is coming out of what we call our "rent" check, that means that $587 goes to our current apartment complex, and the bills that fall due are usually paid before that "rent" check comes in so we aren't living "totally" stressed out. But alas we are TIGHT now for two weeks:( and Brian somehow talked me out of the 2 bed 2 bath that I wanted that was only $660 a month. But he is right, it will save us something like $550 a year to only have one bathroom and I can see the value in that:D Anyway we are super excited minus the stress that is coming from it!

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Alison said...

Exciting about the new move! I loooooooove being on the first floor. It improved my quality of life tremendously. ;)