Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Dove the white bar

So this is really more for my sisters and my mom, but hey I thought I would share:) So Costco has coupons for their soap and Dove is usually the selected soap on coupon, so when this occurs we normally get the green bar, which is aloe and something else, but in order to save a little moola this last time I bought the white bar when it came on coupon. Yesterday while Leland was bathing I was opening all the soap boxes and taking the soap out (This is something Momba taught me to do, as soap is packaged with water and so it goes faster when put in your shower, but if you let it "dry" out a little before use it will last a little longer) so I opened it all, I sat watching Leland play and smelling the white soap and trying to figure out where the memories of my Grandma were coming from. Yep you bet it was the Dove soap. Grandma always used to have this soap around her house, it wasn't the only soap she bought but I remember it being in the mud room more than I don't remember it being there! Anyways, it reminded me how thankful I was to have such a wonderful grandma and how thankful I am to have been with her through her sickness and what she taught me of perseverance and strength when you don't know if you can go on. I miss her laughs and I miss eating sourdough bread and drinking grapefruit soda. Mostly I miss her hugs and her encouragement! But I am glad to know she will be waiting to welcome me when I get to go "home," and she will be waiting to hear what I made of my life from me, and maybe this holiday season I can finally make Russian teacakes again, after a 11 hiatus. Love you gram!


Jules said...

What a sweet tribute! All those memories triggered by a bar of dove soap.. really cool! Sounds like you had a sweet grandma!

The white dove soap is the only one that doesn't burn my kids eczema afflicted skin and still cleans them (unlike cetaphil). I love the smell and won't use anything else.

Mike'n'Amy said...

I'm just hoping Grandma doesn't ask me about sewing projects or cooking proficiencies. Or reading about history (although I'm starting to love this one). Hmmm...what CAN she ask me about?

Gram, if you're reading, at least for now, my kids are safe territory. :) Love you.

Jen said...

What a sweet sweet post! I know you all LOVED your grandma so much! And knowing she was your Momba's mom, she sure must of been one incredible lady!