Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Okay for those of you who are waiting patiently, I have found a replacement backpack for the one in an earlier post, that I LOVED. This one I love, and I LOVE the color! YAY for me! Anywho it was half the price, and although it looks like the Odyssey that I wanted it actually will fit half of what that one would have fit. But its beautiful none the less, and i will feel great having it as my new found diaper bag for travel and in general!


Maginot said...

thanks for the kind words. yes we'll be living w/ my parents part of the time and my grandparents. hope you find that sharpie soon :-)

Em said...

I think you will be pleased that it only holds 1/2 the stuff, that way you will still have a working back. That other backpack is HUGE!