Friday, May 15, 2009

Irritations.... some minor

Alright people, as I was brushing my teeth this morning I was thinking to myself... hummm I should buy a new pair of shorts for the summer... then I got totally irritated because I realized that I would probably want to buy them from old navy and since they no longer have plus sizes in the store, whatever I bought would be 7$ extra bucks to pay for shipping. Now don't get me wrong I completely understand how expensive it is to ship, I get that, but seriously, are you punishing the fat people of the world? Okay not seriously but really its annoying. Because most other stores that sell plus size have like two racks of it, and then there are the plus size stores with charge you upwards of 35$ for a pair of shorts.(and they always fit just a little bit awkward) So really my complaint is WHY do the "plus size" have to scrounge for clothes, I mean if America really is the fattest nation, than why is it so gosh darn hard to find "good" Cute clothes for those of us over a 16? It really just gets me.

Oh and the other day while surfing craigslist I came across an add for plus size models so I clicked it, not really thinking oh I am SO doing this but just curious. And in the first line it said seeking FIT (yes just like that) plus size models... I am sorry when has being plus sized ever been equivalent of being fit? Just a thought but most models who are plus sized are usually 14-16 so really I know you can look fairly decent but Fit and plus sized just don't seem to go in my mind and it took all my energy to NOT email and say so!

Add onto that, that my phone has decided to stop texting so even when I get irritated I can't tell anyone about it. I still get text messages mind you but I can't send them, and I pay 30$ a month so I can send as many as I want, and AT&T refuses to help me because my name is not Brian, sure my number is on the phone and I am even calling from the phone that has not been lost or stolen, but are they willing to help me get my money's worth out of texting NO because the guy who signed us up, even though I gave him whatever information I would need to add me to the account he didn't. So now not only do I not receive all of my phone calls (sometimes my phone just doesn't ring till I get a voicemail.) but now I can't TEXT which puts me in a pretty cantankerous mood!

Add onto all the DRAMA ( I caps it because this is lame drama, and its slightly amusing to me that I am indeed complaining about it all) I found a kid backpack carrier that normally sells for 160$ for 50$ on craigslist, I was about to go wake Leland up to go pick it up when I thought I should sit down and check my email before I headed out, after all I told the lady I would be there around 2 not at 2 and she had emailed me her address and everything so that I could come get it. When I checked the said email, she had emailed to tell me she sold it to someone else. Now is it just me or was that rude. I contacted her on Wednesday about it, and said I wouldn't be able to come and get it until Friday because that was pay day. I told her I was excited about the find because we were going to be going on a family vacation where the said backpack would come in handy. What I don't get is sure she could have thought I would fall through, but wouldn't you at least wait until after like 3 o clock to sell it out from under me. I mean really she sold it before I had time to even get there to pick it up. I picked 2 because that is usually when Leland wakes up from his naps, I picked 2 because if she had older kids it would be before they got home, and then I could go over to Amy's but NO she sold it RUDE RUDE RUDE. There should be rules on that dang website.... So I give up, any chance you would let me borrow yours Amy?


Becky said...

Bless your heart!! I feel ya on the plus sized stuff. I love Torrid but hate their prices. Although it is fun to go in and look at the clothes that plus sized girls SHOULD NEVER EVER wear.

Gabby said...

Hah, trying being plus size AND having to worry about the length because of the undergarments you wear. Back in the day I would wear shorter shorts because I looked good in them -- I had nice legs.

I admit it. I've paid the money for them ... but I try to get everything on sale! (And most shorts fit me weird, so I get excited when I find cute ones that are a decent length that fit okay.)

Jen said...

That is ridiculously rude of that lady to sell it!! It would seem there would be rules. I know in Freecyle there are and if you break the rules, you're kicked out! I'd look into it!

Mike'n'Amy said...

Of course. It's just a little bent. :)