Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Zoo with Emma and Mom and kids

So we did another Zoo trip with Emma and her Kids, as it is always so much fun to have everyone there! We had a blast and got some great pictures!

I seem to remember more! Like on the Lion statue and stuff, but they must not have turned out! SAD! Thanks Em for coming to see us! It made us feel pretty dang good! And thanks to Mom for putting up with us for a long period of time!:)


Mike'n'Amy said...

Holy cow, that up close face pic of Lee is DARLING!!!

Jen said...

I LOVE the up close pic of Leland. . . hey look. . . so does Amy!! LOL. . . maybe I should read the comments above mine before I post it. Owell!

embly said...

no it's totally precious and I took it! I'm awesome, ok he is kind of cute too.

There are more pics on the lions etc., I had Zack upload them to ofoto, I will see if I can do it again? Time will tell.