Monday, June 16, 2008

9 Months Check up

So Leland and I went to the doctors today to get him all checked out! Overall it was a great appointment, it took them forever to call us back, doesn't help that we had gotten there like 30 minutes early, we left to early I thought it was later:( and then we got to wait in a room full of kids some sick some not but yeah, then we get called back and go through all the normal stuff, He is back on the charts in everything but his head size... Yes he has quite the noggin! Only 97% on height and 95% on weight... Brian's comment was so there are fatter babies out there??? I tend to think of him as fantastically chubby that's all I have to say! The skinny ones are a tad bit scary! At least when you hold Leland you KNOW you won't break him! Anyway I totally spaced it when he told me I had to stay for a shot and tried to check out, I am sure everyone up there is wondering what drugs I am on! OH WELL can't win them all right!


Adam and Ann Watkins said...

Poor little guy!!! Yes...all the Lam kids have big heads. hahahaha That is what makes them so stinkin cute!

Jen said...

Lol, your little man and mine can enjoy their big noggin's together. Brennon's off the charts too!!

Alison said...

Fat babies are soooooo much cuter! I agree, there's just something not right about a skinny baby. Leland is fantastically chubby indeed! :)