Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Smart Cookie

Leland and I were laying down this afternoon to take a little nap, well I was just trying to get him to go to sleep then I was going to do the dishes, so I reached for the pound of See's candies I brought home, mind you there were only 5 left in it, and I picked one out... Leland watched carefully his little mouth shot open as I brought the treat to my mouth so I shared a little with him and he gladly ate most of it:) He is such a cute beggar! Anyway, I left and he fell asleep, not my brightest moment as he scoots backward, something y'all should be familiar with if you read Jen's blog, and he fell off Amy's bed the other day:) (that was her fault I wasn't even at her house:)) Oh he has had worse so its okay! Anyway about an hour and a half went by and this is an unusually long nap for Leland, and Robert suggested that I wake him up so he isn't up all hours of the night, I said sure sure, i just wanted to finish the grocery ads I was reading. I went into the bedroom and the first thing I notice is that he is going to fall off the bed if he scoots back any further and so I climb on the bed and go to pick him up when i realize in his pudgy little hand that there is a chewed See's candy wrapper, and then I look for the box which is missing... he pulled the box down onto the floor trying to get some candies! All I have to say is he is one smart cookie for knowing that in that box if he could just get it and be quiet about it he could have some great treats... I don't know if he got any but I would assume not because he wasn't covered in chocolate! Oh and the white bubble paper was stuck to his nakey tummie! Pretty dang cute, just wish my camera was working so I could have documented it!

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Jen said...

He is smart, very smart!