Tuesday, June 3, 2008

A thankful heart!

Leland and I got back from Vacation this last Thursday and Brian came home almost a week before us, but we would be entirely ungrateful if we didn't express how thankful we are to those who made our stay so enjoyable and memorable! First is Mom and Dad! You guys are awesome and thanks for letting us come and crash when you are in the beginning of the stressful remodel! We know it isn't easy to only have one bathroom but we made it work! I know little Leland misses you guys a great deal, and I think I miss you more! I loved spending time with you and just being able to sit and hang out! Dad thanks so much for taking time off of work to go and play at the beach with us and then treating us to lunch. Thank you for the wonderful blessing and the extra help for the way home! You are truly the best dad and girl could ever have! Mom thanks for staying with me while I sorted through all of my junk that i have stock piled over the years and for the laughs about old love letters and funny pictures! Thanks for all of your support and love and of course your willingness to make sure that every need was met even when you were worn out you still kept going! Someday I hope to be just like you, I can safely say that I am failing miserably right now! Em and Gene and families, thanks for being so willing to come and hang out at Mom's house! We loved seeing you guys and spending time with your little families was GREAT! You guys have some sassy girls between the two of you! Em it was fun to watch you squeeze Leland's guts and have him giggle at you, and fun to watch Haven sit patiently with him while he was screaming, and of course when she tried every baby toy she could find she was just fantastic! Porter has grown so much its just amazing, I remember what he looked like right after birth! Handsome kid! Maddy is a crack up but anyone who knows her could tell you that! And of course Zack is always a favorite! Gene you were fantastic it was fun to watch you and Leland together! He seemed to feel right at home with you, especially since you let him pull your goatee! Cienna is a beautiful little girl who is smart and sassy and just as fun as ever! Majel wrote me some pretty sweet notes, okay they were to Leland but still it just shows how sweet she is! And Ethan, holy cow is he a crack up! And of course it was awesome to see Quynh and get to spend some time with her! And it was a blast to watch her hold Leland, there is a picture I wish we had gotten! Thanks so much to y'all you made our trip so fun and memorable! I love you all! And miss you tons!

Both of them are sleeping! So cute!

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Jen said...

Oh what a fun trip! I'm SO JEALOUS! That picture of Gene and Leland is absolutely priceless! SO CUTE!! I'm glad you had so much fun and were able to see most of your family :)