Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Beach Trip

SO While in California we got the opportunity to go to the beach, i was a little worried it wouldn't happen because Dad was SO busy at work, since it was the week before his forced shut down at work. I am so glad and thankful that Mom kept bugging him and that he was able to make time for us! It is always so special to go to the beach and it is made more special when the man himself takes you! Mom and I discussed that the Zoo is Mom's thing, it just isn't the same without her! and the Beach is Dad's thing! There is truth in that! We went and it was pretty chilly but it was still beautiful! The tide was going out but it was still pretty high so we didn't get to see to much

Mom did enjoy kicking up the sea foam so that it got me:) and there was tons of it! It looked like Jello in the wind!

We also tried his feets in the sand... and just like with the snow it didn't seem to bother him! He just looked at me like what are ya doing mom???

Then of course as is tradition we went to Upper Crust Pizza in Santa Cruz! The baby enjoyed the menu while we enjoyed a square Hawaiian pizza!

Here's Mom and Dad

and me and Brian

We had a blast! Thanks so much Dad for taking off work to spend some time with us! We enjoyed it TONS!


Mike'n'Amy said...

I need electronic copies of the mom and dad and you and brian pics

Jen said...

I love this beach!!! It's so fun! I'm so glad your dad was able to take you guys! It looks like you had a great time! I can't believe all the foam from the sea. That's crazy! The picture of you and your hubby and then your family picture on the beach is perfect! I love the one of your mom and dad too! Oh man, now I want Upper Crust Pizza! YUM!