Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Just some pretty random thoughts

These are all pretty random... Just FYI:)

First the picture above... I find it fantastic(and no those aren't rabbit poops they are dried blueberries)! I was doing some emails on the computer and had given my poor child (who I believe it getting a fever...ugh) a bunch of random food, Cheerios's biter biscuit and some dried fruit (he likes dried blueberries...odd) anyway he has been quite for some time so I turned around to check on him and this is what met my gaze... Poor little guy, can't breath through his nose most of the time... So needless to say I am cleaning up the humidifier, which surprisingly enough if you leave water in it bad things happen... DUH! I am a dork, think Allie think! So I am soaking it in bleach water to make sure I kill the mold... somewhere told me two minutes then washing it out with just plain old dish soap. Then I have to find that little plug in thing that releases Vic's vapor rub... that way I know he will get some rest tonight.

Second Brian and I have never gotten out of bed so fast in our married lives than we did this morning. We had both woken up around 8 I know this is amazing... and we were both are ya ready for this.. still pretending to be asleep, I am sure this is because we could both hear Leland talking away in his crib and neither one of us wanted to get up yet as we both felt nasty this morning (we have Leland's cold) So we had just made eye contact and were starting to talk when we heard a very loud crash and then Leland screaming... I was pretty sure he had pulled a chuck Norris and crashed out of his crib, and I am sure that is what Brian envisioned too because we halled bum out to his room... only to find that he had pulled the light over his crib off of the ceiling by the cord that when he was littler was out of his reach... can I claim my bad mother award yet:) Anyway, it didn't hit him or anything it just scared the pie out of him... needless to say if we put it back up I will be stapling the cord out of his reach....
Thirdly Amy and I get to go to the pumpkin patch again this year! Well we are planning to and I am SO excited! I LOVED it last year and I think I will enjoy it more this year as I don't have a one month old or so much pain:) This should be so fun! I am hoping Brian will go with us, because it is nice to have some extra hands, cause we are going to pull Ame's kids out of school to go, so that would be 6 in total! Totally excited!
Fourthly and this is the nerdy one... I am still, yes STILL waiting for my WoW download to finish... Painful! I downloaded the expansion pack first by my own mistake and to my dismay it doesn't "stick" if you don't have the other one up loaded... so we are STILL waiting for the expansion pack to download... as I am typing it just posted at 3% and that is after 2 hours! Yikes!

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Alison said...

You're a horrible mother . . . here, I've come to give you the news and the award. Congratulations! ;)