Monday, September 29, 2008

This is for Mom...and Amy

This is the outfit that mom bought while she was here... she bought a matching one for Eli as well since we are always getting asked if the boys are twins:) Once it cools off a bit more we will dress them in their outfits for outside wear, meanwhile we are using ours as a sleeper.

The reason this post is for Amy as well is because Leland is actually drinking his own sippy cup without help! He has FINALLY discovered the art of tipping his head back, some day we hope that we won't have to use the little holder things (although they come on the sippys we use, but the bottles we have to add them which isn't a problem but we only have two, and I am really good at losing things!)

Then he realized I had the camera and was after it! He enjoys playing with it and since we have the 4 year warranty I let him usually, but I always take it away when it heads for the mouth, unless its the strap, he can chew on that all he wants, which is what he was after tonight:)