Sunday, September 14, 2008

Leland Turns 1

Today was Leland's first birthday and I wanted to say thanks to everyone that came and made the day special for us! We sure love having company and we love the good friends and times that come with the good friends! We love you all! But as I sit here after all the crowd is gone and Leland has gone to bed, and the toys have been silenced I am feeling overwhelmed and sad that my baby is now 1. It doesn't make much sense does it! But in just a few years he will be able to sass me and tell me he hates me, but there will also be the tender moments where he loves me just as much as I love him. I think I am scared of what the future will bring as he grows. Will I be an adequate mom? Will I be able to teach him like the stripling warriors moms did? Will he make good choices? Will he know how much I love him, and how much I love the Lord? Or will the worlds influences be too much for him and will I fail him in the areas he needs. I guess you are supposed to take it day by day, but when it seems like just yesterday I was cradling my infant so new from Heaven it seems like the years will all pass that quickly. He is such an angel and has brought so much joy and his giggles make me laugh on even the worst days. He is such a wonderful baby and I am such a Lucky mom! Not only to have this wonderful child, but to have such a wonderful family and support system that is built of people who love me and love and adore my Leland. So instead of flip out I guess I will take a page from Amy and post the pictures of the year! Loves to all!


Jen said...

Happy Birthday to sweet Leland! He sure is cute and that post was so very touching. You are an amazing mom! He's very lucky to have you!

Mike'n'Amy said...

That sleeping arms out on the mat picture looks just like Brian!!! We love our sweet boy. And haven't you gotten reassurance that you'll do well as a mom (hint: read the notes I sent)? So have faith and be confident. Loves to the whole fam!

Adam and Ann Watkins said...

Happy Birthday Tankers!!! Love you and your mommy and I guess your daddy too. =)