Sunday, September 28, 2008


Brian left the oreo's out on the table not our high table, which I have moved into the bed room, but our little red side table that is currently displaced:) Anyway I was getting Leland's bottle and taking drugs for my cold and couldn't figure out why he was being so quiet, since he has been sick if I leave the room or even turn my back on him it usually results in water works. Well many of you know that Oreo has a new way to do the bag, it just pulls open, now when you have opened your Oreo bag as much as we have, the sticky starts to wear off, thus making it easy for a baby to figure out.

There were only 4 left, i know because I ate one last night when I got home from babysitting:) Anyway I am not much better I just turned around to find him all messy, I left his tray from his high chair down on the little red table and he found the last cookie on it. Anyway Brian gets to live because I caught it before a huge mess had been made! He also re discovered his birthday glasses from Hopie... and loves them!


Mike'n'Amy said...

Yeah, Leland!!

Jen said...

Oh my goodness, I'm cracking up! I'm holding Brennon on my lap right now looking at your blog and I think he thinks Leland is pictures of himself as he's cracking up! They do look similar!