Sunday, September 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Bebob!

My kiddo turns 2 today.... Its been a wonderful 2 years full of struggles....I mean happiness and joy:D This little guy is turning into quite the character and we are so lucky that we get to have him here with us and for eternity. Brian and I marvel at how fast he has grown up and how much spunk the kid has. Brian likes to remind me that he is JUST like his mom. We are truly blessed to have such a fun kid and I look forward to many years more with my little man. I sure love him with all my heart. Even when he disappears with a pack of gum....:D


Manda Ramble said...

Awwww Lil B! Happy Birthday! I love you so much! I'm glad that I get to be a part of your life and your families <333

Momba said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Allison!!! Finally some pictures of Leland!!! I'm loving it! I love his laundry basket shot and his cute hat with earflaps, and his nakie swing picture. Just keep them coming. Say, where are the pics of his birthday party as promised?????
Love you all,

Alison said...

That kid is just too frickin' cute! Man!