Monday, September 14, 2009

Party #2

We went up to the Green's tonight for party number 2. It was so much fun, and I must say Mom Green is much more organized about parties than I think I will ever be! She always has balloons, and table cloths and matching plates and napkins and party blowers and yummy snacks around. So we hung out and Leland got to run away from Dottie most of the night, but I remember when they first got Dottie and she dwarfed my baby, now he is bigger than her. Its amazing how big he has gotten.

We played Risk with Brian which is never fun, its endless chit chat about logically I would do this and logically that was the dumbest move you could have made etc etc etc. Well Jason ( I know it was super nice to see him as sometimes I think he forgets we exist) managed to take Brian out pretty early in the game, which was nice, but then Brian had plenty of time to help everyone, and when I took some more of his pieces off the board he told me I was dumb for doing that, I should have weakened Jason, which I would have done had Brian said I would never win against him... No I am not competitive I don't know what you mean:D Anyway he eventually rubbed Jason so much the wrong way that Jason just quit, probably because Mom was going to wipe him out with her next turn but whatever. She won the game, so that was fun. The girls came too so that was nice, we got to see Emily and Caitlin and we really never get to see them so it was nice to get to catch up. Caitlin is pretty amazing at track and field, high jump is her speciality. She won at nationals and she is going to train for the Olympics at least that is her goal. She is pretty amazing at it, and we are proud of her, but she and Emily play sports year round, right now they are in Volleyball and Caitlin a few weeks back dislocated her thumb so we talked about that a little tonight.

Anywho Leland is one spoiled kid, he got a new fire truck that makes noise (yay.....) and a really cool wooden puzzle that doubles as a book, and my personal fave is the growth chart which is Dr. Seuss I love it! And he got some clothes and there was something else but I just can't think of it tonight. Sadly I forgot our camera at home, so I will have to get them from Libby, she took lots of pictures, so I will post some later.

We sure are blessed to have such loving families, it has been a super fun weekend.


Manda Ramble said...

He's not spoiled! Just overly loved by everyone who meets him <33

Jules said...

The whole Risk story makes me laugh. I'm glad you got to spend time with your family even though you didn't win! :D