Thursday, September 10, 2009


Ok... so I added this friend on facebook that knows some of my friends in California which means I don't really know him..... He used a word that was offensive to me and had used this said word before on multiple occasions. I thought I would call him on it, mainly because I had been called on using the word "retarded" and I am trying to cut it out of my vocab now. I don't like to offend people if I can help it thats all there is to it. I hear I can be somewhat abrasive or something like that. Anyway his response is that I was ridiculous because I was offended by a word, and he was not using it in good fun... oh well thanks for the clarification you are just a huge jerk.... unfriend.... but now I am still angry and frustrated and I hate that feeling, I let myself feel that way. Ugh.... SO frustrating... on a side note my friend Amanda came over and she helped me paint. So all thats left now is to clean off my hardware a little better ( I stripped it tonight...) let it dry out and then spray paint it. Then I can put my kitchen back together. I will post pictures tomorrow, it should be done before Brian gets home so I can put him to work on the cleaning of the apartment.


Rachel said...

Oh honey, I understand. Words that are inappropriately used are quite obnoxious, and often are offensive. It makes me think of the scripture (far too lazy to look it up) that tells us that we are not to be offended, and not to GIVE offense. While it is up to each of us how to react, there are some people who don't know how to be polite and as you said, are just jerks. Good unfriending choice! Good luck feeling better about it!

Mike LeBaron said...

Don't be retarded, Allie.


Momba said...

I had never heard the term unfriend, but it is a good one that says it all and yet is unoffensive to the listener. I am so proud of you to stand up for what you know is right! Loves!