Tuesday, September 8, 2009

My Ridiculous Project...

This is my ridiculous project as Brian told me tonight, as I was slaving away in the kitchen trying so hard to get the cabinet doors off so I could get ready to paint tomorrow with help from my lovely friend Amanda, and yet there are still some issues with the kitchen. Anyway I had asked him to come wipe off the fronts of the doors so I could just hop right in and paint tomorrow. I get why he thinks its ridiculous I really do, but at the same time I feel totally unsupported. This isn't our home, we probably won't be here past Feb 2011 (wow just writing that is weird) since we will hopefully be able to afford a house, and two years to Brian is so something he can live with. Well of course it is for him, he gets out of the house a LOT more than I do. I HATE the kitchen right now and since they paid for the supplies, I figure it is a worthwhile project, I get to try out red cabinets and if it turns out that I hate them I can just deal for 2 years and not stress.... cause its not my house! So some of the many problems I have come up against are mainly due to the fact that I didn't want to just paint over the hinges like the last 3 or 4 paint jobs so that created a huge problem, with stripping the screws.... not so much fun!

See the above picture to understand just how painted over these suckers are, I have removed some of the screws in that picture too and it was a beast!

This is the LAST hinge that is up minus the naughty little cabinet door later in the post. You can also see how bad the paint jobs have been here... SERIOUSLY so frustrating!
These are all the cabinet doors... minus the above mentioned door..... Can't wait to start painting them!
This is all the hardware that needs to be stripped of the old paint and then spray painted to match. The black is on the knobs from the doors, and the white/copper are the hinges, this I think is going to be even worse than getting them off the walls... Paint stripper is seriously strong smelling stuff.... I think I may look at Home Depot for something with less of a smell, since it is still in the high 80's here and we all know how well I function when I am hot. I wouldn't mind if it was just me in the house smelling the fumes but poor Leland is a little too young to lose all those brain cells....

lastly this is my naughty little door that doesn't want to come down. I think I am going to have to buy some drill bits and drill off the heads like suggested by Tamera, then pull it off the wall, then unscrew the hinges using the pliers. I will seriously be so thankful when this job is done regardless of how it turns out. It will be DONE and that is all that matters at this point!


LJ and DC said...

OH boy missy, this is a big project. And one that I think you'll love once you're done. They're going to be red?! Jealous!

Alison said...

A couple of my sisters are really into the home improvement. They love the sense of accomplishment they feel when looking at something they've done themselves. Plus, they save A LOT of money.

I understand the satisfaction that they can get from doing something themselves, but I am not willing to learn what is necessary to do it right. I am NOT a details person when it comes to certain things . . . like re-tiling a bathroom or laying fake wood flooring or whatever else is considered home improvement projects.

I admire your dedication and determination. I am a wuss and would've said, "White's good." :)

I'm excited to see how it turns out!!