Sunday, January 17, 2010

Update on my Fertility... if this is too much for you just pass on by

I have been on clomid for 4 months now. 3 of those months I have been on 100mgs that's 5 days of 100mgs. That a LOT of extra hormones. I have been feeling off lately these last few weeks especially. I do NOT like it... look at me using capitals... I usually try to avoid that cause it makes me a little crazy.... Anywho I have been forgetting things, and I haven't slept well and I just don't feel good. Now I have always believed that the Lord moves you to where you need to be and can move others to you that you need. I have been moved (technically 2 houses) close to a woman in my ward who has an alternative that worked for her when her and her husband had been trying for 5 years (that makes my 1 and 1/2 years look lame by the by) and today at church I stopped her after the block of meetings and asked her some questions. I would normally never shoot so straight on such a sensitive subject but I asked her when she was getting her adoptive son (its a cool story I am sure I will post on here later about it) and that launched the whole topic. She has gone to a chiropractor (who happens to be our bishop) / nutritionist. He has done wonders for how she has felt about life in general, not to mention the end result of a pregnancy and enough progesterone to keep the pregnancy. While I am not one for holistic medicine and in fact I have laughed at it plenty I think I may actually go meet with him and just see. Granted my insurance doesn't have him on the list but I may just try and talk with him and see if we can't work out some sort of deal. I really am not looking for an alternative I know that if I stayed on hormones I would be ok (possibly) and it could even result in a pregnancy but I look at the next four months and I kinda want to cry. Brian is going to school full time and working full time starting on Tuesday, its going to be a grueling schedule but one that he thinks he can tackle. That means all day Monday and almost all day Tuesday I won't see my husband. Yes I realize that so many women do it all the time, and some women don't see their husbands for much longer (which is why I stayed away from any kind of uniform mind you) but being hopped up on extra hormones I think will only add to the tension and stress that I am sure will be building around our schedule. SO I think I will give this a try. Clomid has been working bringing me closer and closer to a normal cycle, but at what price. Me feeling crazy and constantly wanting to cry. So I will keep y'all posted and hopefully I can soon be claiming the same thing... I have never felt better in my life, would be exciting words for me to utter after these last 4 months.

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Ann said...

PS - I went to a chiropractor for two months. Stopped in August. I was going to try accupuncture next. :) And still might if I have trouble after this pregnancy.

The mood stuff on hormones is definitely difficult.

Anyway, I love you...tons and tons.