Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Who needs a Canvas

I left Leland just diapered after bath today since we have had warmer weather and he likes to be nakie... although he did want his socks and slippers on.... but he somehow managed to get into a box I keep high on a shelf that has his "fun" markers you know the ones that don't need special paper to work:D Well he was so lovely I had to document it. I wish I had the one after he got it smeared onto his face but he broke my camera card reader so I will have to figure it out another day.

I adore this child more than anything. He always makes me laugh, and reminds me that life can be pretty darn sweet.

I found the cord to the camera so I could upload this one... Possibly my fave! He looks like a child of the 80's! And thats chocolate dribble... such a good mom!

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