Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The issues of this week:D

Firstly, I want to inform you all that I am trying out a little thing called ad sense:D Anyway if anyone clicks on the ad I get paid for it. Just trying it out for a month and no I don't expect you all to click on it, I just wanted to explain why it was there! SO that's out of the way!

Secondly, many of you know I am moving this weekend, sadly on Monday when I went by the apartment looked like it had been wiped down in some places but not in others, and let me tell you that is HUGELY disappointing. I talked with Patty (the person we are renting from) and it turns out she paid someone to clean it. So she as well was disappointed. Go figure! Anyways the things that bugged me the most were the floor in the kitchen entry way and babies room, and the master bathroom. You can see the hair left in the shower. Yeah I do the same thing but that ain't my hair! And the scum behind the toilet. So yeah I went over Tuesday night and spent about 2 1/2 hours cleaning so that we could move into a clean place.

Thirdly, I got a wild hair while I was there, the master bath had the WORST wall paper up ever, I do not live in Arizona and I am not a senior citizen so it HAD to come down. Patty knew that was my one big thing that I didn't like about the place:D So I noticed while I was over there cleaning that a corner was coming up and had to pull it off. I have never removed wall paper before so I had NO clue what I was looking at was ok, the yellow wall, so I called Hope a little panicked:D Anyway turns out that I am extremely lucky and that wall paper came off without a fight! YAY for me!

Oh here is a picture of the light switch you can see that this wallpaper was not the only wall paper the bathroom had seen! Anyways I am going to have to replace all the light switches because they are all a little worn out.

Which leads me to my last and final thing. The Lord is aware of me. My sister Amy keeps a notebook that she tries to write down when she can see His hand in her life. Well I can certainly tell you that I know from Yesterday alone that He is aware of me, and all my struggles, and I came home after cleaning with a thankful heart! Not only after I had been up all night with Leland did Brian's school get cancelled so he could be home to help, but we were able to get him to the doctor and found he had an ear infection brewing, so I had the help I needed so that I could take care of me as well as my kid. Not only that but that meant that I could go and clean without Leland and that I could take my time! Also I am so thankful for a sister who wants to help me when I know how full her schedule is, and my Hope who is willing to add a 3rd kid to her day on Friday so we can start the move without a little one underfoot. And for my in laws, one set is coming to help on Friday and the other set is taking Leland on Saturday so again we can have the day to finish the move! I am blessed!


Jules said...

Oh man moving is not fun! I go in every apartment or house and spend at least a full day detail cleaning and disinfecting.. even if it was done before. It is HARD WORK cleaning/moving! Hang in there.

I hope Leland feels better soon!

p.s. That wallpaper HAD to go! :)

Jen said...

WOW! I can not believe the place looked like that and they expected you to move in. I'd be like, "um, ya, so you may be a nice lady and all Patty (or whatever her name is), but the people you hired to clean did a crap job and you need to get it clean before I move in!!!" I'm mean huh? But look at you? You go and do it yourself and then you see the positive in it! I need to follow your example and apply that kind of attitude more in my life. Good luck with the move. I hope Leland feels better soon!

Alison said...

Glad things are working out! Love you! :)