Saturday, January 10, 2009


or passive aggressive, it makes me laugh when I realize that people connect me with this term, I prefer to think of my PA status as really being sarcasm, but alas sometimes I am just plain PA! Anywho Hope told me about a blog she had found, not sure if this is the right one, the one she was talking about, but it made me laugh, this blog is NOT for kids though, it doesn't sensor much, I mean there is nothing like nasties in it just swearing. there it is if you want to check it out for yourself! It helped me realize that yes I am sometimes painfully passive aggressive, but more though speech than note writing:D


Alison said...

I like to think of you as just aggressive. I NEVER doubt what you're thinking. :) We need to go do something soon. Yes, this is me wanting to reschedule. I know, I'm a horrible friend for waiting so long. Bite me. :)

Manda Ramble said...

I think we're both passive aggressive, but our awesome is way more over powering than our PA :p Also, thank you for blog comment, you're awesome and you always make me feel better. Love you!