Saturday, January 10, 2009

New years

Yeah this year I didn't make any resolutions, since I normally never keep them I decided not to waste the time! However I did learn how to crochet while my mom was here! I was pretty slow picking it up but I am getting faster, she kept saying I can't believe you are doing this right handed, for those of you that don't know I am a south paw, for those of you that don't know what a south paw is we could use some reasoning and realize the only reason it is amazing that I am crocheting with my right hand is that I am a lefty, the irony of this sarcasm is if you had asked me 4 years ago what a south paw was I would have stared at you blankly with crickets chirping in the background, it was a phrase introduced to me by a friend who liked to call me that. Anyway back to the fabulously fun times with the fam! Amy was kind enough to host us all at her house and so we had a blast, Annie and Adam flew in from Hickory, and Mom and Dad from Sunnyvale, as always their trips were too short. Little Leland followed uncle Adam where ever he did go! It was about the cutest thing I have ever seen! I don't know how much Adam loved it, but I loved the fact that Leland had found a buddy! Brian took some time off while they were here so there was lots of family fun to be had! Mom helped me with my knitting when I picked up too many extra stitches and while learning crochet we had a fun conversation with Amy and Mom, which I will try to write out to the best of my memory, because it makes me laugh still
Mom: Oh this is going to turn out great (to me about my crocheting)
Amy: Did you just say it was going to be crap (to mom)
Mom: NO repeats herself
Amy: OH
Allie: Giggles lamely
and I went blank, but there was something about a happy hooker in there:D Yeah that was my mom referring to me after I picked the skill up, but don't worry folks Amy is a FAST happy hooker! Grace we were all running on 100% so we were all worn out, and we had to wait to break out the yarn till Lee was down because that kid has a thing for yarn! Anyway when I dig my Camera out from behind our bookcase (yeah I am awesome) I will take pictures of my sting ray trivet that was supposed to be a square, not so much talented yet, but Mom promises I will get better! Amy made great meals, and Dad and Mom treated us to some awesome meals! Its so nice to be with family as they up lift and nurture things we don't always realize we need! I wish Mom was closer and Ann and Em and Gene, but I am lucky to have Amy, people seriously don't realize how wonderful she is! I love it when we are together and we both get tired, because that is when the laughing happens, or when she calls me because she thinks I may know where Eli's shoe is even though I haven't been there all day, and sometimes I can actually guess right! There is nothing like having a sister who is so great, so close, to inspire me to be better, granted people I have a LONG way to go to get to Amy status! Especially as Ame points out if I am going to have to laugh every time Zeke tells me about the Huge balls at Ikea, or that Caleb is touching his balls (he had two balls at scriptures when I was watching them last and I told him if he touched them again I was going to throw them out, so he was pretty stressed when Caleb started to play with them, I just lost it and started cracking up! So much for the hard nosed Aunt!) I will post the pictures in the morning as it is late late late, and I am actually feeling tired, cursed head cold! Anywho thanks Amy for hosting the week and a half, it was fabulous! Thanks Mom and Dad for the treats out, Gatti town and the Yarn, and making me a happy hooker:D and thanks Annie for the good laughs and of course Mario Cart, although Zeke may never play it again!


Lindsey said...

How fun!!! Good for you! And no, I was not kneeling in that snow picture!!! Scary huh? Love Ya!

Manda Ramble said...

Would you kill me if I made you a Happy Hooker shirt? ;)

Allie said...

No but for me to wear it out of the house it would probably have to have a crochet hook on it:D

Erin Lafleur said...

Hehe I love that, "happy hooker". Glad to hear you are enjoying though, it is so much more forgiving than knitting.

Jules said...

I'm with you.. no resolutions equals no guilt. :) Isn't it fun being the fun aunt! What a funny post!