Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Zoo Zoo Zoo!

Amy and I went to the zoo this last Friday it promised to be a chilly day so we went knowing we may not be there very long, turns out those are the best kinds of trips! Michael Noah and I went to the nature exchange so Michael could fulfill one of his scout requirements. He turned in some cool stuff and got some cool stuff in return! We learned a lot from Mr. Rick, who is a geologist by trade. Anywho than we went to the under zone, which has some dwarf mongooses and some horn billed birds. The kids had a blast and Eli was in heaven with the birds, which Amy called one happy little pecker... yes folks my sister said pecker, although it was true, because there was one bird who kept coming over to the glass right by them and pecking at the glass, so in truth he was a friendly little guy!:D Anyway we had a blast and enjoyed some quality time learning together! Sweet Amy even remembered my very real fear of snakes when one of the zookeepers offered to get one out for the boys to touch, I was ok with it as long as I was far away from it, but it was nice of her to make sure I wasn't going to embarrass myself in public by having a melt down! Leland Eli and I did puzzles, or really I did the puzzle and tried to keep them from eating it! Over all it was a blast and it the Zoo was pretty much ours to enjoy, as most people stayed inside!


Jen said...

How fun! I love that you live close to Amy and are able to hang out with her often! What a blessing that is!

Jules said...

You seriously are such a good mom to take him to experience all these things (especially in the cold)! We supposedly have the best zoo here and I have yet to take the kids. I'm with Jen on how lucky you are to have Amy nearby! I wish Jen would move nearby me. :)