Saturday, February 14, 2009

Too Fast

Brian has to work today so we went out last night and has our Valentines dinner, I don't mind the holiday but I also don't think that it needs as much pomp either. I teased Brian on the way to dinner, asking him where my gifts and cards were each time eliciting the nervous look he does so well! But on the way home I realized that my "baby boy" is a year and a half well in a few days (thanks Brian... jerk) and then he of course continued with yep 2 in 7 more months... again thanks! As if I didn't already feel like he was growing up to fast! The cute things Leland has done lately are hard to number in order, but since we got our new place he really enjoys running, and there is more space for him to "hide." Yesterday morning I went looking for him, only to get him dressed not because I expected to find him with anything he shouldn't have and as I rounded the dark corner to the bedrooms something growled at me... as my eyes adjusted I realized that it was indeed my 1 year old who was sucking on a purell bottle... REALLY purell, dude I would totally pick something else to have my mom make off limits but thats just me. So I fought with him to get it away and we moved on with our day. Amy came over (which was really nice! We now have enough space so that neither of us feel claustrophobic when she is over with her kids) and as she insisted on helping me fold laundry, hey I am not going to complain, Leland found yet another bottle of purell.. I swear to you I don't have that many, and I thought they were all put up but no such luck. With his new bottle of purell he goes behind the door and starts with the teeth trying to get it open, he giggles a little, meaning it is open and then I rip it out of his hands and put it up high. Then he finds a medicine bottle, what does he do runs behind the door again and more giggles. So I go and get it from him because it is one that he could probably actually open.... and he starts throwing his fit, I looked at Amy and said, man you take away his alcohol and his drugs and this is what you get... She giggle, however I found myself hilarious which is why I have repeated the line over 5 times since it happened:D Anywho he is adorable, even though he is a hand full, he is a calm kid, I find him often with a pencil or pen, trying to color on pieces of paper (maybe I will get him some of those crayola ones that are easy to grip) he likes to read to himself, which consists of sitting with an open board book in his lap and talking his gibberish. And he still knows the sweet sounds of the candy wrapper. I just helped myself to a few peanut butter M&M's and he came running, he got some of course! Who could refuse such a sweet baby! Anyway I have decided its going to fast!


Jen said...

It DOES go too fast! Brennon's 18 months today and it's crazy! Your Leland just sounds adorable (he is in his pictures as well!). Your alcohol/drugs line IS Hilarious! I thought that was pretty darn funny! One day we'll have to get these kids together. You know? Since Leland keeps calling for Kya ;)

Alison said...

I looooooove peanut butter M&M's. Sigh.

Erin Lafleur said...

If you do decide to get some Crayola stuff I would highly recommend the Color Wonder because then he can't redecorate your walls and furniture for you. :)