Friday, February 6, 2009

Wallpaper is of the Devil:D

Folks I am taking a break while my enzyme crap I bought to help me remove the wallpaper in the master bath soaks in I have 10 more minutes to wait, so I figured I would relieve some frustration, and I am sure it will take another coat so really I have time to sit and blog, although I should finish unpacking the last few boxes while I wait, but I digress! So remember how I posted about how easy the wall paper came off, yeah I lied, it left the backing up (thanks Hope for pointing it out, even though this has been the BIGGEST pain:D) and so I went to Wal Mart came back with my two new wallpaper removin tools and set off to realize that I wasn't merely removing 1 layer of backing but another layer of wallpaper, wait whats this, there was yet another layer of wallpaper under that! Holy Crow! This stinks, so now I am standing in my little cube of a bathroom, breathing chemicals so I can paint it the pretty sage green I found in the opps paint at Home Depot. And I have to finish this so I can put up the shelves I bought for my bathroom linens and my medicine cabinets. So I have lots of displaced stuff around in boxes waiting for these tasks to be finished! But whats this

it looks like termites to me, fine dust pours out when I peel it away, and its nasty:D But I keep peeling away because I want to know what I am dealing with. Granted it will be Patty's job to fix and I hope she is just glad I un earthed it. Truth be told I think they will have a better chance at selling this place when I move out. Lets face it those who like wallpaper and you know who you are like to torture condo/home buyers every where, but what you don't realize is that I have now taken the oath that unless I really really love a home, if it has wall paper in it, its a no go, unless of course I really really love it, then I will set up a little savings account and pay people to remove it for me!

Other than the bathroom this place has come together nicely, thanks to Hope and Amy who have helped with either Leland or screwing... things into the wall that is! Or have done both! Thanks to Amy for taking Leland today so I can work for the day, you are the best, and thanks to Hope for being willing to be at my text and call when I need advice at Home Depot or how to do a project!

Whats sad is I kinda liked the paisley stuff:D It was orange and green and had a fun vibe to it, however since it had been ripped up in some places it too had to go!


Gabby said...

While I've never had to deal with taking wallpaper down or up, I think that, in theory, wallpaper can serve a purpose -- sort of a decorative accent, though, not all encompassing. I like it, to some degree, and as long as the pattern is fresh and current. If you keep up with changing it out every few years, then I think it's fine. In other words, if you walk in to a house, see wallpaper and it screams "80s" then it needs to be changed. But, I'll tell ya, there is some CUTE paper out there right now.

Frogdancer said...

You've just reminded me of when I renovated the laundry and it took 4 DAYS to get rid of the wallpaper. Hideous stuff!

Erin Lafleur said...

Yuck and double yuck! Hopefully she takes off your rent for all this hard work. I love your comment about when you finally buy a house because that is one of the pieces of advice my parents gave us for the future: if you get a house with wallpaper just know you are in for a battle. :P

greg.stacey.jonas said...

I'm with ya on the wallpaper. We bought our cute house and every single room had painted over wall paper in it. Not to mention the nook had seven layers! I've so been where you are and I'm so glad to have that behind me. I feel for you. I wish I could come and help!

Jules said...

Wow what a job you are tackling! I would've just wallpapered wallpaper over wallpaper. I bet you will be so happy when you finish though!