Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Frustrating much!

Ok well yesterday let me just start off with Brian and I went to the Zoo, and while looking/feeding the birds Brian and I stopped keeping an eye on Leland only to discover that he was drinking some water off of a rock, yes my friends water full of bacteria and bird poop, I don't think Brian will ever let me live that down. So I asked the dumb question of do I need to worry about him. They just told me to keep an eye on him, if he starts acting weird to worry, but all of their birds are healthy and checked regularly, so not to stress it too much. SO with that said we are good. The rest of my day went great, as Brian helped with Leland so I could have a break. But this morning is just frustrating! I am dealing with medical stuff... never fun, and I called my OB's office because I still haven't started and after feeling like I am going to start for a week now, I am tired and emotional and just plain done, nothing is happening! NOTHING! Oh but me being in pain and grumpy that is happening! So I called them this morning, and I just said we are on 12 days now since the last hormone pill was taken and he told me it would happen in about 5-7 days she said No it can take up the 3 weeks! WELL WHAT THE FLIP! Why doesn't the flippin doctor tell me that, so I can just remain calm for the 3 weeks instead of being crazy and calling and feeling stupid because I don't know, I just know what I am told. So me being dumb, I ask the nurse this! WHY doesn't he give the longest period of time, so the patient doesn't have to feel like an idiot when they call in and GET the longer period of time. She was sweet but it doesn't mean I don't want to throttle her! "Oh he's been doing this forever, so he just assumes it will happen fast" really really, so I get to feel like I am losing it, when I call in and get to feel dumb when I get told that it can take longer, really??? Okay so maybe I am just overly tired of cramping and having issues with my bowels and lower back pain, and being a butt... but then I started crying on the phone, i am sure this nurse thinks I am crazy. I still have to call aetna and figure out MORE billing issues and I am JUST not sure I can deal with it today but since one of the lovely doctors sent me to collections for bills I didn't get and a procedure that happened on 8/22/07 yeah I think I have to! FLIP FLIP FLIP... i feel a little better, thanks for letting me whine......

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The Gillespie's said...

I haven't seen you guys in a while. When did you move? I am sorry to hear things are hard for you. E-mail me about what's going on. Maybe I can help. I know lots of great resources...if you don't have them already!