Saturday, February 21, 2009

little "habits"

that may have me wearing clothes stained with ink and who knows what else. So tell me what do you notice here around the diaper region....

yeah you see an over full diaper, I see

two Binky's that have been stored ever so carefully for later.

I have been finding pens in my wash load and have been yelling at poor Brian to make sure the pens are out of his Painter pockets, you know the ones on the side of the legs I was certain it was him who was leaving them in there even after I told him, I don't check those pockets, just all the others! Well yesterday I had just about had it when another load came out and only a few items were covered in green ink.... Brian pointed out that it must have been in my pocket because he is only allowed to use blue or black at work NOT green, so he wouldn't be toting around a green pen. When I found the culprit (meaning the pen,) I realized that Leland had had that pen before bedtime a few nights ago... and I had thought he had dropped in in the pantry, I went and checked the pantry, no green pen... the pieces are coming together! I went and checked the jammies I had taken off of him the other day and found a chocolate chip cookie in one foot and my favorite gel pen in the other. It would appear that he thinks of the future and what he may want with him, which would explain why many mornings when I go in to get him, his jammies are unzipped down to his knees and he is wearing a sly smirk.... This has been further confirmed by the first time I reached into his onesie today to take the one Binky out, he growled at me, took the Binky and left the room, then he came to find me working on further unpacking in the bathroom and found a Binky on the floor that he tried to casually sneak into his onesie. I can just imagine the messes I will have when he is older!


Jen said...

Ha ha ha! That's too funny! Don't let Brennon in on this secret hiding place! LOL!

Em said...

that is hilarious!!!! He is going to be great with food storage!