Thursday, July 22, 2010

New Exhibit at the Zoo...

Dallas Zoo has a new Wilds of Africa exhibit. It is fairly similar to San Fransisco's set up but on a much smaller scale... and you can feed giraffes and get right up close to them... as well as getting fairly close to cheetahs and lions. It is pretty awesome. Leland and I braved the heat and went today... and boy was it hot! Leland got to feed some giraffes (his first and probably last time since it is $5 dollars for 3 lettuce leaves, but you gotta let them do it at least once right Amy?) I probably should have waited to feed the giraffes till we went with Brian, but maybe he will get to do it twice that way.
These are the 4 new elephants
This is Leland trying to get in with the elephants he is pretty fond of them.

You can barely see them but Jenny and Gypsy are back in that little cove. I don't think they are yet comfortable in their new exhibit.
Right at the beginning of the trail...

This truck is half in the Cheetah exhibit... so they can actually jump up into the bed of it if they want... but its too hot for them to do much of anything:D

See how close you can get!

Leland was sure the benches were there to help him see:D

I love the way her paws are
Leland likes to talk to strangers and follow them and ask them for drinks....
The cheetahs... I think there were 3
Feeding the giraffes
And of course to round out the event we rode the Merry go round 3 times... He Loves the merry go round... but not as much as fries... all I had to do was mention the fry word and he was ready to go.
With the membership we have we can ride it as much as we want. However now you have to get a ticket printed out at guest services or whatever its called... its not far from the merry go round but having to drag your screaming child in 98 degree heat to get a dumb ticket is not my idea of fun and I may have thrown a little fit of my own. Had Amy been there I could have left him there and run over and gotten all of our tickets but sadly I did and he screamed the whole way. I got a form to tell them how irritated I was about it. If they change policy (granted it really wouldn't have been difficult if I had been made aware) they really need to let their members know!
This last picture Leland is asking for Amy. He knows she is usually there with us and it was a little sad for him when he realized she was really not there. Also when we pulled into the zoo he started saying where's Amy... he has been trained well:D

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Ashli said...

Love the hat! :) Looks like fun! I will have to play hookey from work to go with you sometime! ;)