Monday, July 26, 2010

Zoo Again

We went to the Zoo again but this time Brian got to go with us so we took many of the same pictures but this time we stayed an watched the elephants longer Jenny and Gypsy seem to be more comfortable in their habitat and were out and about today. Brian held Leland up so he could watch them eat and Leland just kept saying "she's eating, she's eating" over and over again. Brian I think tried to explain how an elephant uses her trunk to get food and water to her mouth and Gypsy or Jenny then walked over to their pool and helped herself to some water. We fed the giraffes again today because Brian really likes that kinda stuff, but I think my favorite part was watching Leland "play" with the Lioness. I would tell him not to pound on the glass to which Brian would respond they aren't fish. So whatever a zoo employee was there and would have told us if we were doing something they didn't approve of. I don't know if you can hear it but I tell Leland that the big kitty is playing with him... to which another more stodgy mom informs her kids that the Lion is NOT HAPPY and He shouldn't be doing that. When the girl pressed her mom more she said the Lion was angry. So whatever I guess we all think we know what is best for wild animals.... I am personally just glad there is glass between the Lioness and my son... because as Brian comments she wouldn't be playing without the glass. You can see more pics on facebook... or I will post them here eventually:D


Ashli said...

How fun! Quentin has wanted to watch this video over and over again. :)

Suzanne said...

Hi Allie! Don't know how I found you, but I did! I was blog hopping this morning. Wanted to say hi...hopefully I'll be back another time (I'm on lunch break at work..shhhh) :)

Ann said...

SO grateful for glass. :)

I think the lioness wants to play with my sweet nephew and eat the other mother. (not really)

Em said...

I am so glad that Brian knows that that is not a fish, lol!