Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Remember that nest? and other randomness...

It held 3 babies! They were so cute and fluffy! All of them grew up and flew away with in a matter of weeks I think it was 3 or 4 weeks (I imagine its because they no longer fit in the tiny nest their parents built:D)

Leland has acquired a pair of real boots thanks to a family friend who is so kind to us to share their hand me downs! :D
Our fun back yard complete with my wonderful swing. Its nice if the evening cools off enough or there is a storm rolling in. Its a good place to meditate... and of course when Leland is splashing its a good way to stay cool.
I bought this cheap sprinkler head at wal-mart for like 2 dollars and Leland loves it. I have to admit that I am just confused as to why he doesn't like being out in the rain if he can handle a sprinkler. The other day we were leaving him with Amy and he was standing out by our car and her van waiting to get in and it started raining Leland promptly shoved Amy out of the way and climbed into the car. We all had a good laugh... well except for Leland.
I bought it to put under the trampoline... I know all you other moms out there are gasping right now. How could she do that its going to make jumping so much more dangerous yadda yadda yadda... Truth be told its safer than him getting heat stroke... But guess what he doesn't like being on the trampoline when its wet so we just run in the sprinkler. I am sure you are all jealous of me weed boarder its pretty awesome if I do say so myself. And its the reason that Brian got a weed eater for fathers day!

I guess I will just have to deal if I want the storms though huh?

This is my friends kiddo... We swap babysitting because Q is only 3 months younger than Leland and we are both poor so it helps to have someone willing to do it for free:D He never takes a pacifier but Leland had one so he helped himself and I thought it was darling. He is also wearing my glasses again too cute! Q is super petite so Leland scares the pie out of him, so when I watch him it mostly consists of Q following me around... I have the cutest shadow ever!

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di said...

where did you get that plastic jungle gym!? i have been looking everywhere and all i can find are the expensive wooden ones!!!!

nice neighborhood! that one pic made me laugh...the 2 huge 2 story houses then the little 1 story house inbetween. dont know why it made me laugh. big things next to little things make me laugh. ANYWAYS. lol cute leland!