Saturday, July 10, 2010

What is my deal!

People I need some ideas of other ways you cheer yourself up instead of ice cream and chocolate! My sister and her family are leaving for 3 weeks to go on a fun road trip and I am stuck all alone in Texas for those long 3 weeks with no chance of a vacation or break for us. See we are saving up for a big Lamoreaux family to-do next year, where ever that may be, and we are also trying to save for a new car SO that leaves no funds for anything exciting like a vacation! (sorry to all those English whizzes that are cringing at my use of the comma.... I hope you can forgive me!)

I suppose I should look on the bright side. I can go to the lake and go sailing with my Father in law, who has a super nice sail boat. That means we can swim in the lake and other fun things. Although I am a huge wimp about lakes and my baby and it super stresses me out. So maybe we will just go to their pool:D I can borrow Amy's van and go to the zoo, just me and Leland, that means if we over heat we can head out and not have too many people disappointed in the short trip. I think I will also have Brian take a few days off for while Amy is gone so we can do some fun things as a family. Maybe take in some kid movies and other fun things.

But I have been in this funk for so long its hard to see a light at the end of the tunnel. Guess I just need to keep pluggin along. As for my son he is a natural born sailor. These last pictures are from our 4th that we spent out on the lake. Mimi is so good to take him to the front of the boat where he kept her busy by pointing to all the doggies that were on the other boats.

The above picture is the epic battle of all three of us trying to get his shirt off to keep him cooler because he has to wear a life jacket and those suckers are hot! As you can see below we only succeeded in getting his shorts off... That shirt was NOT coming off.
I super love this picture!

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Binkzerella said...

Looks like you guys had a lot of fun on the boat...