Wednesday, July 7, 2010

So Behind

Do you ever feel like blogging has become a chore? Yeah I am there I am so behind that its right up there with cleaning out the garage and guest room, hanging curtains and decluttering:D! So much has happened these last few months most of them not super important but I will take what I have pictures of and blog about it some day. We went sailing for the 4th of July, Leland mind you had a 102.9 fever (yeah I win the good mom award) he loved every minute of being on that boat even though it lasted till 10:45p.m. and he didn't nap at all that day. Turns out he could have fifths disease. YAY but its common and should go quickly we are on day 3 of the rash and it usually hangs around for 5 or 6 days so hopefully his cute little face will be looking beautiful again soon. Brian had a birthday and in two months our littlest will have his birthday. He is going to be 3. I cannot believe it. The one thing I really want to remember is his love of his yegos (legos) catalog that he "reads" while he gets his diaper changed or is just laying on the floor. I will try to get a picture of this as it is darling. I think for him it is as good as owning all those things in there because when he sees it he says My Yegos! and runs over to it. I will get to posting today. Our summer is getting hotter so I will have more time indoors to post. Mainly and sadly because lil Leland got his mama's genes and he over heats at the drop of a hat.... and since the last two summers I have nearly given my baby full blown heat stroke I think this summer we will take it easy.... and figure out fun indoor activities... any mom's have any advice?

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Jules said...

I am so with you on blogging seeming to be more like a chore. Facebook is just so much more efficient. :) I love the yegos! He is such a cutie! These are the things you have to get pictures of. It goes by so fast. I hope all is well!