Wednesday, July 7, 2010

We Love the Zoo

I love this kids smile... its infectious and he really does look awesome! I am so glad that Z loves me. I love him! He told me on Sunday as he cuddled in and asked me to scratch his hair (rub his head) that he was sure I was his aunt because he loved me so much. He can always make me smile.
These two girlies had a good time together....
Which forced poor E to hang with Leland... Someday they will be best of friends and Amy and I will be in trouble!
We have funky bugs in Texas
I can never get these to upload right but the above picture happened after Amy realized I was letting him cry it out on the ground that could be dirty:D
Leland often has little melt downs when he is tired and or too hot... I believe we could file this one away under both of those titles:D Amy had to get him out of it as I was too frustrated to even deal. Its a good thing I live so close to my sweet sister who Leland lovingly refers to as Mom most of the time. She swears its because he hears all his cousins calling her mom and I swear its cause he loves her more:D
Z needed to cool off... this seemed like a good way!
Yes I rode a Camel. They are not comfortable. I would much rather ride a horse and I am scared of horses... they are beautiful and lovely from a distance but up close they make me nervous... I suppose I am not so much afraid of them since I have ridden them but I have a healthy respect for them!
I asked the guy if it would hold me... he looked nervous... hey I mean I wanted to not give the poor camel back issues forever. He assured me it would be fine.
This is a hit... too bad it costs $5 dollars a pop. Too much to do every time but cheap enough to do once:D
They moved the Elephants inside to their new exhibit...
We really like the Elephants... we just wish the exhibit was already open!
We sure have some darling children!

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di said...

so your sister lives in the same town as you? i thought all your family was in Cali. thats pretty cool she is so close!