Thursday, March 27, 2008

Falling Apart!

While Brian's mouth is falling apart, I recently got the Depo shot(TMI perhaps sorry:)) , which is supposed to cause joint pain, it did although the pain in my right Knee never subsided! So I went to my old place of employment to have them check it out for me ( for free of course!) and they found that my knee cap is no longer tracking. Not sure what that means in the long run but we are taping it to see if we can retrain the knee cap to track. Meanwhile my knee is not doing so well and it makes simple things like just sitting with it bent painful because it gets terribly stiff. I can't get down on the floor if I am home alone, because sometimes it hurts to much to put pressure on it, and to kneel on it is not an option. Although it has gotten a lot more sore now that they have worked on it, so maybe it is the type of thing that has to get worse before it gets better! Who knows but heres of picture of how pretty the tape is! They use a spray adhesive to stick the white part on, which holds tighter to everything including lint! YUCK!

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Alison said...

Wow, nothing says "I'm an old woman" like not being able to sit on the floor if at home alone. How pathetic. ;)

No, seriously, this bites! I'm sorry, Allie. You and Brian just can't seem to catch a break with the medical stuff. Hum, I know what will ease your sorrows--lots and lots of chocolate. And maybe the Sex and the City Movie. Wanna go with me to see it when it's out? Eh, eh?? :)