Tuesday, March 4, 2008


So I decided to start this because I hate journals and mainly because I have some memories that I want to keep handy! Here's a little background info. I got married in 2006 to Brian Hamilton.... a common last name, and while I do miss Lamoreaux, I don't miss having to spell my last name 800 times when having people fill out my information. We had our first baby in September of 07, and well since we are going for common, we named him after his dad and grandpa, although I think we will call him Leland, so that we don't forgo the confusion of having 3 Brian's in the family, all living in a 5 mile radius! Anywho... this is where it all starts right. I think I will do some catch up notes here so be ready for random.

* While I was pregnant with Brian the III we tagged along with my in laws to see a friends baby dedicated to God. I was probably only 6 months along and decided to wear a maternity skirt that was still a little big but stayed up without much fuss, and it would look great with my top that I had just gotten, so I wore it. Those of you who live where it rains and by rains I mean pours will note that Texas has some fantastic storms. Well that Sunday happened to be one of those storms, and there was no parking next to this mega church, so we parked and ran... NOT GOOD, I couldn't figure out why my stride had shortened until I looked down and noted that my skirt was around my ankles, thank the Lord my mother taught me about slips... otherwise the whole parking lot (which in all honesty due to the rain was probably oblivious) would have noticed my unders.... which were not a conservative color:)

* another great story is when I told my husband we were pregnant.... the toilet didn't so much enjoy the news, and I am sure our neighbors were wondering why I was singing I can't hear this I can't hear this as my husband proceeded to puke up half or more of the large pizza we had shared that evening.

* so most brides feel beautiful on their wedding day and I am sure that I would have, but I some how didn't. You know you plan and you plan to look perfect and it just doesn't match up with what you actually look like. Anyway this lead to my mom asking me if I was okay, and telling me it would be okay to back out, even though it was only a few minutes to my wedding. She was concerned but seemed even more concerned when I told her, I know he is the right guy mom I just feel ugly. So I seemed to forget it after my little niece Cienna saw me and her eyes lit up, she told me I looked like a princess, and gave me a huge hug. Then you have my nephew Zeke who I have a close bond with who was my ring bearer (thanks to my roommate Phoebe, who gave me probably the best bridal shower gift ever, she bought his plane ticket to California) who decided instead of bearing the rings he wanted to hold the end of my dress and was distraught when we sent him through the door with only the ring pillow:) Then you have my two bestest friends in the world, who ran to the store to get me Mt. Dew and tried to think of ways to sneak it in so my mom wouldn't be mad, and my brave dad who just brought it to me in the regular bottle! Anyway, my parents made the day the best ever, and having my siblings there made it even better. I couldn't have asked for a more perfect day, and to be honest by the end of it, I actually felt pretty.

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Kelly Moore said...

You are absolutly BEAUTIFUL! and I miss you and am glad I found your blog though Cindy so I can leave all sorts of comments on the whole thing that you probably won't see because they're all the way at the beginning!