Thursday, March 27, 2008

They Grow So Fast

I don't know about some of you mothers out there, but it took me a really long time to find my groove! I found it at about 3 months and feel like I still don't have it down quite yet! Luckily I have a sister here who can keep me plugging along, and she reminds me what is important in this little guys life. Is just that he knows I am there. We often sit and play after naps (which may be why I still don't have a clean house) and laugh together, him being a social laugh er and all is pretty fun. But I can't believe he is growing up so quickly. I went out with some friends of mine who also have baby's and the boys are all roughly 3 months apart, there is Luke who is 9 months and belongs to Brittany, and Quinten who is 3 months and belongs to Ashli, and then there is Tank, I mean Leland (oh right I have decided to call Brian the III Leland, because he just doesn't feel like a Brian to me yet, maybe when he is older!) who is 6 months and bigger than them all! We had a good time talking about our babies, but I fear that I dominated the conversation because my little ( I say that with a smile) guy is the light of my life. You know you can have a bad day and then he smiles or laughs and it seems like its okay again! At his last Doctors appointment he weighed in at 24 lbs. Yeah he is a pretty heavy little guy! His height is pretty good for a 6 month old, he is 28 3/4 tall which is off the charts for his age range although his noggin is off the charts as well, that would be the lamoreaux blood he has in him it measured in at 19 cm and yes the nurse took it 4 or 5 times before she accepted that fact. He recently got 2 new teeth and when he decides he is not interested in taking off part of my finger when I try to get a picture I will post one on here! But really why I wanted to post this was that his Mimi Hamilton found this most fantastic bouncer at a kids store and bought it for him, since she watches him for me so I can get out once a week and make some money working at the book store. But he loves it! Its a little rain forest jumper/ walker type thing, and I can actually, (well sometimes) leave the room while he is playing in it. We used it a ton while I was up at Amy's after Caleb had his surgery and he would bounce for hours! I had Brian take some video of it, he talks in the middle of it, but its still pretty dang cute! Sometimes Leland gets some serious air! Couldn't figure out how to edit it with anything else, and the original is much to lengthy to put on here! It is much cuter without the add in the middle of it... But I don't have money for video editing!

Tonight however we noticed that the noises had stopped, (when he jumps or plays with something the music starts up again) and I went to the bedroom to check on him, and he was out cold in his bouncer.

Notice the little scowl on his face! He was not happy about being left to sleep in the bouncer!

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LOL, so funny!