Friday, March 28, 2008

One more to catch you up!

Brian Me and Leland Feb 21, 2008

My Parents flew in from California for the occasion! Always fun to be with them!

Brian and I recently got sealed to each other and little Leland was sealed to us as well! It was a fabulous day and we had a wonderful time and we are so thankful to our families for making that day special for us! It meant so much to have them close! Leland acted like he knew everyone was there for him and loved every minute of it, giving everyone looks that seemed to be saying hey thanks for coming! He also sealed the deal and our hands with a sneeze! And Amy thought it appropriate to seal it in blood:) JK she didn't realize I was in the middle of taking a straight pin off of my dress when she hugged me and she had to pull it back out, it hurt pretty bad for such a small pin! She was more grossed out by it than me though because she pulled it out and could feel it "go through the layers" as she described it!

Amy lives here (but had to get a sitter) Annie flew in from N.C. and Emily from C.A. I am so glad they came! It was fantastic to have them there!

The Green Family (Lisa is Brians Mom) came from Anna

The Hamiltons (Brians Dad) came from Carrollton

It was so great of everyone to come just for pictures! Too bad it was FREEZING! We love ya'll!


Anonymous said...

Oh sure use the crappy picture of me...I was straining to be tall and you use it in your blog... I smell a STINKER and it is YOU!!!!

I have a blog now too! I'm awesome.

Alison said...

That kid of yours was so freakin' cute, and you made me cry when you started crying. I'm getting soft in my old age.

Jen said...

LOVE Ann's smile! Congrats on your sealing! That is really wonderful! :) Okay, I should stop with the comments already. Sorry, I just love to comment :)

Ann said...

My Smile????? Jen means my monster face. I didn't know someone was taking a picture at that particular moment. =P

Ann said...

Look....I'm a long neck. =)