Thursday, March 27, 2008

Wisdom Teeth

So Brian had his wisdom teeth out the other day, it was over all a traumatic experience for both of us! I got to watch, I say got to because they seemed intent on me going back into the room with him, and once he was in there he was so nervous that I stayed with them. Tricky dental assistants! Anyway the dental assistant was HORRIBLE she touched everything after she had her gloves on! I asked her to change them after I saw her using her phone and she got irritated with me and did it only after I asked her again. She had writing all over her hands and wasn't the least bit good at her job, half the time Brian was gagging on the yuck that she was supposed to be suctioning out! Anywho he opted to not go out (he HATES IV'S) I think its safe to say after this experience that won't so much be the case. The "oral surgeon" kept saying your just feeling pressure right its not pain, but sometimes you mistake it for pain because you were nervous. I had to ask him a couple of times to stop because he could feel it. This lead to the 8 million shots of lidocine, and he lower left lip is still numb and it was almost a week ago. In fact his whole mouth hurts and as of tomorrow it will have been a whole week! Oh we know now not to cut corners when our health is involved! Oh and I couldn't get any pictures he would have deleted them anyway!

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