Saturday, March 29, 2008


The perspective that i have on life changes as my life changes and it evolves as I realize more and more that my heart resides with that cute little chub that has so many nicknames. I never knew how much I could love someone that can't even talk yet. I mean I have loved them before, I helped take care of Cienna, and there was a definite love there, I loved rocking her to sleep and then watching her sleep after being bogged down by everything that a senior in high school deals with she was so clean, and I believe she loved me back. I have that special love for Porter and Maddy who I was blessed to watch come into this life, what a fantastic experience and thanks to Emma for being willing to let me partake with her and Zack and mom in such a sacred event. I of course have the love for my 5 beautiful nephews here, and each one holds a special place in my heart. But the love i have for Leland is stronger, and it took a while for me to recognize it, but here I sit blogging, and I don't hear his little snore in the "sun room" he is staying over at Mimi's and Poppy's tonight so Brian and I could go on a date, and I was surprised when I got home and was cleaning his toys off my bed at how much I missed him. Brian thinks I am a dork, but it is different when he isn't here. Anywho it is amazing to me how fast it can change.


Alison said...

You love your kid and have a soft spot. Don't worry, I won't tell anyone you have a heart. hehe. ;)

Allie said...

Phew! thanks!