Friday, April 18, 2008


I hate hate hate dealing with insurance! I did it for a year and now that I am doing it for a personal reason it is even worse! I just got a bill saying we were in collections for $236.00 never did we ever receive a bill for this so that is frustrating in and of itself. But when I went to investigate I found that this bill has already been paid! So I just got off the phone with Aetna, who says the claim was not filled until 4/16/2008 IF when you go to the doctors and they take your insurance card shouldn't they file it! I was never told I needed to file and I was never told to look into it! We paid our copay! They normally will tell you if there is anything else they need you to do like submit your claims on your own! However I never even received a bill for this service that was rendered on 10/14/2007 SO i ask you HOW was I to know that it never went through! I will NEVER got to Centennial Medical Center Emergency room again! Because we didn't receive a bill from them either, because when you go to the ER there are two bills one for the staff and hospital and one for the Doctor. We didn't know that, so we didn't even think to look into it! Grace, I have never been more irritated or angry at a service we have received but when we went in that man Dr. Lee treated us like dumb people who shouldn't have bothered to come in, and I had no clue about what was wrong with my son, even though he threw up enough to cover me and part of the crib it was just "spit up" UGH old frustrations die hard and die even harder when someone says you owe them a bunch of money! We don't owe them more that 47.20 which I will gladly pay! But file with the insurance then 'Remember" to send the bill to the patient so they can actually do something about it!


Lindsey said...

That sucks! I hate bills. We need to win the powerball and never worry about them again! Wahoo!

Jen said...

Man, I totally know where you're coming from. I went to the hospital in Cali almost 3 years ago when visiting Emma and am still fighting to get it paid. I've also been sent to collections on something I was never informed about! TICKS ME OFF! I'll pay my freaking bill people. I also had paid my bill, my insurance just dropped the ball. Never heard a thing. It just makes me all giddy inside to know it dings my credit! The tools!

Alison said...

I hate dealing with insurance! Arg! Last summer I had to pay over $1,000 for dental work. My insurance was WORTHLESS.

Oh, and you're so right. They are suppose to tell you if you are required to file it yourself. Someone dropped the ball. Idiots!