Wednesday, April 30, 2008

We Love Bath TIME!

This is why a bath time was needed. I needed to buy myself some time and I remembered that Amy had given me some biter biscuits! He loved them and was happy as a clam while I changed the laundry and folded it and put it away!

Also when he gets a little excited, he looks a little crazy it made me laugh big time! he must get this face from me! This is what I look like when I see Ben and Jerry's in the freezer!:)

Apparently I need to remember to give him a bottle so he doesn't have to suck on the rag! But it is darn cute, cept when you remember its bum water!

The drying of the hair

and being plain old worn out!


Jen said...

That crazy look totally cracked me up especially your comment about Ben and Jerry's, HILARIOUS! He sure is cute!

Adam and Ann Watkins said...

Oh my goodness. I need to squeeze him!!!

embly said...

Beautiful kid!!! When I had babies, I didn't even know blogs existed, and maybe they didn't. It's so fun to check in everyday and see how cute he is! I do check daily, multiple times. =)

Alison said...

I really like the crazed look. I giggled to myself. See, there is a little bit of you in wee Brian. :D