Sunday, April 20, 2008


So the past few days I have been a little down. Thankfully there are lots of people that love me around! Or at least that I claim love me:) Also as if this wouldn't lift one's spirits I ran some errands with Amy and Marie (amy's mother in law) and we happened to go by JoAnn's I found some cute quilt sets (For Eli and Leland) and an album for a project for a friend and then some fun papers, when we got to the register Marie paid for them all! I couldn't believe it! I am grateful to be loved by those around me and those who aren't "required" to love me! I get emails from Emily's in laws as well and have acquired the name "little sister" from them! How wonderful it is to be loved and supported! And for Leland to have so many gram's and Nana's and Mimi's he will be truly loved throughout his life! Anywho I am also loved by some wonderful friends, Hope upon IM'ing me found out that I was down and most of it had to do with just life, and feeling like a bad mom and wife because I can't keep up, and Hope offered to take the baby tomorrow all day, so that I could just get things done! How blessed I am that a loving Heavenly Father loved me enough when I didn't fully trust him to move me out to Texas and to have such wonderful friends and family to surround me! Amy and I seem to get goofier the later the evening gets and I have to admit that that also lifts the spirits! She and I chatted last night before I left while she held the cranky Leland who just wouldn't sleep... we had some laughs mostly because I told her I used olive of oil lay, instead of oil or olay body wash... I am grateful to a mom and dad who love me and am counting down my days till I get to see them! It would only be a better trip is Amy and Annie were coming along! So I feel loved.... there you have it!


Jen said...

I'm so glad you have such great friends and family!!! That is SO funny about the Olive of Oil lay. LOL! You ARE LOVED!!!!!

Mike'n'Amy said...

No, no, no, it was OLIVE OIL of Olay. You know, like Popeye?

Of COURSE you're loved!!

Lindsey said...

Dang you are cute!!!!!!!! I sure love ya too!

embly said...

Awesome picture of you two! LOVE YOU! Gonna see you soon!!!!!!