Thursday, April 10, 2008

Target vs. UPS

So UPS we all know what happened with them. SO I took the package with Brian to Target, and we got an interesting response! They called their manager over, and she said that she couldn't take it or refund it to us, since we didn't have the diaper pail! At that point both Brian and I were getting frustrated, Leland on the other hand was winning everyone's hearts but crackin smiles and giggling when they talked to him! I think this helped us in the long run, because they called and thankfully someone there was willing to help us! She spoke with me and kept apologizing and in the end, we got it all worked out, we will or should receive another diaper pail in the next few days, she sent it free of charge and we left our nasty meals that we would never eat at target, i told the workers they could have it or dump it, they all agreed they would dump it, after all while we were waiting for it all to be worked out we noticed that you could eat one of those meals of something far more appetizing for the same amount of calories! I will post a picture of the problem causing diaper bin when it arrives! but I will stay loyal to target for their willingness to keep the customer happy!


Alison said...

I HEART Target! But, then you already know this all too well. :)

Jen said...

Oh I hope you get the pail soon! I'm glad they are helping you out :)