Thursday, April 3, 2008


So most of my siblings remember dad telling them that if they would hang their keys on the hooks right inside the garage door they wouldn't loose them. Well I think i might have mastered it, except for when I leave my keys in the door, that isn't so much a hook. Well I made (lets be honest, Hope made) a message center for me (I just bought all the stuff) and we put 4 or 5 hooks on it. So Tuesday night I am returning from wondering Wal-mart and finding all the good deals I can, mainly baby food and a food processor (lets hope it lasts longer than the blender) and some drapes for the living room, so I can just leave the blinds up, and pin up the cords, after all Leland may be crawling soon! So I was returning with my spoils, and I couldn't get the door open, well it turns out I just didn't push hard enough on it, but when I finally did it came open... but what the heck did I do with my keys?!? I have been without them since Tuesday night! I keep looking at the hooks thinking they will magically appear, and as of yet no such luck! I am getting nervous because I can't get the mail either! NOT GOOD! The mail is my staple! Not that I get a lot of good things but I do peruse the ads to find out if Ben and Jerry's is on sale so I can send out the texts ( I like to think of this as a service!) any who when I left this morning I had been looking for two hours with no luck! Its a little unnerving! I keep praying that I didn't leave them in the door! Who knows they may turn up! Robert said he would look for them today and I personally hope he can find them! All this just says hey I haven't mastered it yet! Bummer!


Mike'n'Amy said...

Still no luck?? I HATE that feeling. Only I'm getting used to it since I have it almost everyday between my keys and my wallet. And my phone. And my purse. And important get the idea. ;)

Allie said...

Ha I found them! I forgot I had worn my dark wash jeans so I kept looking in the other ones!

Mike'n'Amy said...